Muscle stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulators

BioSkin Italia Srl is a benchmark for aesthetic medicine professionals working in Italy: drawing on several decades of experience in the industry, the firm specialised over time in the selection and trade of top-of-the-range devices for skin treatments. These include professional electrical muscle stimulators, which are devices that use the targeted magnetic field to stimulate a specific muscle area of the patient effectively.

Treatments performed with a high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulator are painless (thanks to the liquid-cooled handpieces included), non-invasive, involve no recovery time or downtime, and, most importantly, are a clinical solution to burn fat and tone muscles by causing them to contract. Optimal results are visible after a limited number of sessions (3 to 6, depending on the patient).

The devices recommended by BioSkin Italia Srl’s team of experts are highly effective and safe because, unlike intense or incorrectly tailored workouts, there is no risk of injury to the muscles, bones and joints.

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Daeyang CMSlim

High-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulator. Results visible after just a few sessions, painless and non-invasive treatment.


Equivalent of 20,000 squats and crunches in 30 minutes of treatment

Each treatment session with the Daeyang CMSlim electrical muscle stimulator makes it possible to stimulate and tone the muscles effectively, quickly and, above all, safely in just 30 minutes. This type of treatment is for professional and amateur athletes of various sports, to prevent injuries during training. But it is also for anyone who wants toned glutes and thighs without putting their muscles through physical exercise: one session with Daeyang CMSlim allows you to perform the equivalent of 20,000 squats and crunches quickly, painlessly and comfortably.

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