Photodynamic therapy

Medical devices for photodynamic therapy

At BioSkin Italia Srl, we’ve been selecting the best medical devices on the beauty care market for over 25 years: our daily research focuses on cutting-edge technologies and modern therapies, as well as on high-tech devices capable of performing a wide range of skin care treatments.

In particular, we sell highly effective medical devices for photodynamic therapy for treating acne, wrinkles and certain types of skin cancer, for resurfacing treatments, and more. The LED light therapy with three wavelengths of Lutronic devices is especially indicated for:

  • Pigmentation removal
  • Wrinkle and acne scar removal
  • Removal of blood vessels of various diameters
  • Skin rejuvenation and tightening

Photodynamic devices are widely used in outpatient health centres and hospital dermatology clinics. They should be used by industry professionals only, to deliver personalised treatments that suit the clinical requirements of the individual patient. Each operator can easily set the irradiation dose and decide on the duration of the LED light emission best suited to the type of skin treatment.

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Healite II

Next-generation LED light therapy with 3 wavelengths (830 nm, 830+633 nm, 830+415 nm) for low level laser therapy. Features interchangeable treatment heads.


Lutronic led light therapy

Lutronic’s next-generation LED light therapy is one of the best technologies on the aesthetic medicine market, a solution used worldwide to perform effective but non-invasive treatment on the skin of a wide range of patients. In particular, the Lutronic model harnesses 3 different wavelengths (830 nm, 830+633 nm, and 830+415 nm), features a flexible ergonomic robotic arm, and an intelligent control system: the operator can therefore set two different types of treatment and the device will automatically launch the start of the second therapy as soon as the previous one is complete.

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