LUTRONIC ADVANTAGE POWER+ offers a choice of interchangeable diode hand-pieces allow for multiple system configurations to maximize your treatment options.

D1-800 HANDPIECE: • 10×10 mm spot size • Fluence up to 100 J/cm² • Chilled compression tip • Smaller spot treats smaller areas • Nearly homogenized beam output

D3-800 HANDPIECE: • 10×30 mm spot size • Fluences up to 35 J/cm² • Chilled compression tip • Large spot treats larger areas • Homogenized beam output

D1-1064 HANDPIECE: • 10×10 mm spot size • Fluence up to 100 J/cm2 • Chilled compression tip • Smaller spot treats smaller areas • 1064 wavelength ideally suited for darker skin types – Provides deeper penetration and clearance of fine hairs

Bioskin Italia, rivenditore esclusivo Lutronic Intl Advantage Power Product

“Treatment is easier and faster than anything I’ve used before. In my experience it’s 50% to 75% faster than Nd:YAG systems, and 30% to 50% faster than other systems using a similar wavelength. I can do an entire back in about 30 minutes, versus an hour or two with other systems. And from what I’ve seen so far, we are achieving results in two to three treatments that would require at least six treatments with the variety of other lasers I have operated previously. This is due to the adjustable pulse width and the large spot size, which is the largest I have ever used.”

Miranda Mogle, LE, USA
CW Diode Laser (e.g. 600 W)
Lutronic Advantage Power+ (2800 W) Bioskin


Your clinicians will appreciate the treatment speed of the ADVANTAGE POWER+ system. Using a large spot size at a high repetition rate ensures rapid treatments. The ADVANTAGE POWER+ is up to 40% faster than other systems on the market and can still deliver the promise of high efficacy. This enables your staff to complete treatment regimens quickly and efficiently

• Efficacious and fast treatments with the 30×10 mm tip with up to 35 joules/cm2 fluence • No consumables for a reliable and costeffective solution for incredible ROI • Minimal treatments needed • FDA Cleared to treat skin types I-V • Power Pulse Mode delivers improved efficacy with minimal effort • Portable device fits into the smallest offices • Additional handpiece cradle provides added convenience

Bioskin italia, rivenditore esclusivo Lutronic Intl Advantage Power Product


ADVANTAGE POWER+ offers best-in-class hair removal efficacy, while providing speed needed to ensure profitable patient throughput. ADVANTAGE POWER+ ensures that your hair removal business will become profitable again.

Images Courtesy of Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, USA
Images Courtesy of Dr. W S Koh, S. Korea