Laser estetico di innovazione 4 in 1

Le caratteristiche

Come si evince della brochure, Lutronic Action II può essere utilizzato per una vasta gamma di procedure estetiche:

ACTION II is the cutting edge Er:YAG laser platform of choice for a wide range of aesthetic procedures. There is no more limitations to conventional resurfacing and coagulation if you are with ACTION II. The device features the normal mode for laser resurfacing and the long pulse mode for coagulation. The maximum 1000 ms pulse width in the long pulse mode is expanding new applications. Specialized fractional technology and the Shining Peel technology supply more gentle fractional rejuvenation and deliver a real glow to the skin. It reliably delivers controllable thermal energy with less patient discomfort, reduced treatment times and less patient downtime so that you may achieve higher patient satisfaction levels and increased revenue.

Bioskin Italia Srl, rivenditore autorizzato Lutronic e Classys

Capacità frazionarie totali

Il laser Action II di Lutronic può essere irradiato sia in modalità “frazionale” che in modalità “lungo impulso”.

“The fractional laser can be irradiated in both “Fractional” and “Long Pulse” modes. The fractional technology of ACTION II allows user-selected precise ablation depth and coagulation control with a painless procedure. The fractional laser irradiated in long”

Citazione Lutronic Brochure
Bioskin Italia Srl, rivenditore autorizzato Lutronic e Classys

Pelle splendente con un delicato ringiovanimento

Tra le importanti azioni di Action II c’è il rendere splendente la pelle creando un ringiovanimento:

Shining Peel is a brand new laser peeling approach for fine wrinkles, large pores and skin rejuvenation without topical anesthesia, downtime or and PIH. This gentle peeling technique stimulates collagen remodeling by delivering precise amounts of laser energy to the skin without immediate ablation of the epidermis. Shining Peel decreases the chance of PIH since the outside layer of the skin is kept intact during treatment. The outer epidermal layer will gradually flake off and this procedure helps patients avoid downtime or any other inconvenience after treatment. Shining Peel guarantees patients the shining face of youth.

Bioskin Staff